As long as I remember, I had a sweet tooth. Although I always loved baking, my career path was quite a different one. I graduated from college as an engineer in building restoration and worked at various architectural offices in Austria and Germany. After meeting my husband and moving to Bainbridge Island I rediscovered my passion for baking.


I am mostly a self taught baker; books, trials and errors, lots of patience and the occasional class helped me to be where I am today. What I love about cake designing is that it lets me combine my fondness for baking and my passion for art and design.


Please feel free to contact me, whether you have a clear vision or a vague idea, we will work collaboratively with you to create the perfect cake for your event. The inspiration can come from anywhere; a family heirloom, a painting , or your child's favorite book. The possiblities are endless...


I look forward to hearing from you,

Christine Chapman

















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