My cakes come in many different sizes and shapes. Listed below are a few standard sizes. The pricing is divided into two different categories, from beautifully simple to intricate. The serving amounts is based on wedding sized portions of 1x2 and 4 inches in height. For an exact quote please don't hesitate to contact me.

For all fondant work, orders should be placed at least one month prior to the delivery date.


I do not require any deposit. The balance will be due at the day of delivery. If for any reason you were not completely satisfied with either the design or the taste, all money will be 100% returned.


All deliveries on Bainbridge Island are gratis and included in the price. For an off island event a delivery charge, plus ferry fee if applicable, will be added. If you would prefer to pick the cake up yourself, an appointment that is convenient to you, will be made.

The Naked Cake


​No frills, bows or embellishments. These cakes are pure flavor.

The price is set at 4 dollars per serving (tax not included).


round cakes:                               

6" cake   (12 servings) =   48 dollars

8" cake   (24 servings) =   96 dollars

10" cake (38 servings) = 152 dollars




The Decorated Cake


These cakes will be shaped to any design of your choice. I will be using various decoration techniques, sugar art forms and cake sculpting, so that your cake will be the centerpiece of your celebration.

The base price starts at 5 dollars per serving for a simple decorated cake with a minimum price of 150 dollars (tax not included).


Most custom designed cakes in my galleries are between 7 and 8 dollars.

For an exact quote please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you!